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Occasional Services for a Bishop

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Who Chooses a Shepherd?
This article and question helps to frame the process of discernment for synods in the year prior to a Bishop's election.

Four Devotional Bible Studies on Discernment
For use by Synod pastors, lay rostered leaders and congregations in the year prior to a Bishop's election.

Litany & Prayers before the Election of a Bishop
These prayer materials are intended for use in parishes and meetings of a Synod during the months before an Assembly in which a new Bishop will be elected.  It may also be used at the Synod Assembly Eucharist or just prior to the first ballot for Bishop.

Installation of a Bishop
Festival Eucharist including renewal of baptismal vows and expanded presentation of symbols by conferences of the synod. Many elements in this service were written especially for the installation of The Rev. Bishop James R. Stuck, Indiana-Kentucky Synod, in 1998.

Litany of the Holy Spirit for the Installation of a Bishop
Intended to be used in the parishes of the synod on the Sunday nearest the installation.

Thanksgiving at the Retirement of a Bishop
An order of Thanksgiving and mutual blessings that may be used at a Synod Eucharist or at the close of a social occasion such as a retirement dinner.

Shepherd Liturgy
This special liturgy, written for the last Synod Eucharist of the retiring Bishop of the IK Synod, The Rev. Bishop Ralph A. Kempski, has many items that are appropriate for any occasion related to Bishops and even pastors.  Special dialog, offertory and post-communion prayers, and a new Eucharistic Prayer of the Good Shepherd.

Bishop's Lenten Visitation (Chrism Mass)
with Blessing of Oil and Renewal of Ministry Vows