Liturgy by TLW



An Order of Farewell for an Interim Pastor


by The Rev. Thomas L. Weitzel

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America



         At the last service in which an Interim Pastor leads worship, the following may be used before the Benediction.  The following may be spoken by the President of the Congregation Council or an Assisting Minister.



A:      People of God, the Rev. _________________________ has completed his/her work among us as our Interim Pastor and a new Pastor/Interim Pastor will arrive soon.  We thank Pastor ______________________ for being our shepherd and guide for our ministry during the past _____________ months/weeks/years and wish him/her every blessing for his/her continued ministry in the Church of Jesus Christ.


A review of the highlights of the interim ministry may be shared at this time.


A:     Let us together give God thanks for Pastor _________________ and for the work that we have done together in Christís name. 


      Loving God, we thank you for the blessings of your presence during our time of transition, especially as made known to us through the gifts and ministry of Pastor _______________________.   Through him/her we have received your Word for our lives and celebrated the Sacraments, made plans for our ministry and preparations to receive a new shepherd in our midst.  Continue to guide us through the completion of our Transition Process until all things are brought to fulfillment according to your will.  Guide as well Pastor ___________________________ that he/she may know the comfort of your love and be a blessing to others as he/she has been a blessing to us.  All these things we ask in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

C:     Amen


The Interim Pastor may wish to respond with a few informal remarks.


The service concludes with the Benediction by the Interim Pastor.