Liturgy by TLW



Options for the Communion Liturgy
Evangelical Lutheran Worship / Lutheran Book of Worship

(Roman Rite)

Compiled by the Rev. Thomas L. Weitzel
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America



1. Brief Order for Confession and Forgiveness

     a. Use on green Sundays (ELW split season between right & left cols.)

     b. Omit on festivals

     c. Advent/Epiphany:  Use WOV p.10-11, right column

     d. Lent:  Use more penitential form:

            ELW p. 239-241 (omit Word)

            LBW p.193-94 (rubrics 1,4,6 [Acts 10:39-40,43] 8-9)

     e. Easter Season:  Use Thanksgiving for Baptism ELW p.97

     f. Sundays & Seasons offers seasonal confession alternatives


2. Entrance Hymn may be replaced with singing a Psalm or canticle

     a. Orthodox have used the Kyrie as a processional

     b. Choral offerings like classic Introits might precede or follow the hymn


3. Kyrie - "Lord, Have Mercy"

     a. Speak in green seasons, sing in other seasons

     b. Replace with seasonal dialogs from LBW "Service of the Word," pp.126-27

     c. Replace with seasonal dialogs from WOV "Service of Word & Prayer," p.46

     d. Replace with Great O Antiphons during Advent (LBW p.174-75)


4. Hymn of Praise:

     a. Use "Glory to God" in Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and green seasons

     b. Use "This is the Feast" in Easter season and on festivals

     c. Omit during Lent

     d. Replace with hymn from Praise section of hymnal for festivals

     e. Replace with Te Deum /"We Praise You, O God" on Easter Day and/or Christ the King

     f. Replace with "O Come, Emmanuel" in Advent or

     g. Replace with Benedictus: "Blessed be the Lord"/"Blessed are You, Lord" in Advent

     h. Replace with "Angels We Have Heard on High" on Christmas


5. Salutation "The Lord be with you" (LBW only)

     a. Speak if Prayer of the Day is spoken

     b. Chant if Prayer of the Day is chanted (Festivals, Christmas/Easter Seasons)

     c. Omit during Lent or on other occasions (Omitted entirely in ELW)


6. Verse/Gospel Acclamation

     a. Congregation may sing "Alleluia" or in Lent "Return to the Lord" OR

     b. Choir sings proper verse (see Desk Edition) OR

     c. Replace with hymn (Festival days and seasons)


7. Creed

     a. Apostles for most Sundays, except festivals

     b. Nicene for Festivals and Easter season

     c. Athanasian on Trinity Sunday

     d. Omit on occasions when special services make for long liturgy

     e. Might be replaced with 5 parts of Small Catechism during 5 Sundays in Lent


8. Prayer of the Church

     a. Make use of variations in response

     b. Replace with Great Litany on penitential occasions

     c. Replace with Thanksgiving for the Word on Reformation, ELW p.220

     d. Replace with Litanies appropriate to day/season from ELCA & elsewhere


9. Offertory Verse

     a. Proper verse sung by choir/cantor (see LBW Desk Edition)

     b. "Let the Vineyards" in Easter, festivals

     c. "What Shall I Render" in Advent-Epiphany seasons

     d. "Create in Me" in Lent

     e. Stanza 3 of "What Child Is This" for Christmas-Epiphany celebrations

     f. Stanza 1 of "We Give Thee But Thine Own" in Pentecost season

     g. Any hymn from Stewardship section of hymnal

     h. Use off. from WOV "Service of Word & Prayer" with seasonal changes, p.50


10. Offertory Prayer

     a. ELW 1. Lent, early Pent.,  2. Advent, Epiph.,  3. Easter, late Pent.

     b. Use seasonal offertories in "Prayers for Worship," ELW p. 64

     c. LBW Use "Merciful Father" if you sing "Let the Vineyards" or "What Shall I Render"

                  Use "Blessed are you" if you use any other offertory - helps cong. w/pages

     d. Use seasonal prayers in WOV "Service of Word & Prayer" p.51

     e. Seasonal prayers also available from Sundays and Seasons


11. Great Thanksgiving

     a. Speak during green season

     b. Chant during festivals, Advent, Lent, Easter

     c. Singing by congregation might be unaccompanied


12. Eucharistic Prayers

     a. ELW: 10 Prayers from Lutheran tradition plus simple Words of Institution (II)
                   NEVER use Words of Institution without Preface & Sanctus = full prayer form
                   I. Lent    II. Use sung version for Reformation, Xmas Day p. 382 (with sung Preface)
                   III. Advent-Epiph    IV. Lent, Easter & Lesser Festivals
                   V. Epiphany, Lent    VI. Advent, Xmas, Epiphany
                   VII. Pentecost season    VIII. Late Pentecost, Epiphany
                   IX. Pentecost season    X. Easter, Pentecost    XI. Advent, Xmas, Epiphany
     b. LBW: Use Prayer I (#31) for lesser festivals

                   Use Prayer II for Easter through Pentecost

                   Use Prayer #33 for Advent: "Come, Lord Jesus."

                   Use Prayer III for Lent, Holy Week

                   Use Prayer IV for Christmas, Epiphany

     c. Other Eucharistic prayers available in various sources (Book of Common Prayer,


13. Lord's Prayer

     a. Alternate between translations by season

     b. Use chant version in Lent:  ELW p.163, LBW p.112

     c. Use Hymn version "O Thou, Who Hast of Thy Pure Grace" for Epiph, Reformation


14. At the Breaking of Bread: Invitation to Communion

     a. ELW provides two communion sentences, suggesting others may be used.

     b. During Lent:

            P: This is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world. Happy are those who are called to his supper.

            C: Prayer Before Communion ELW p. 72 or "Prayer for Humble Access" LBW p. 48 (prayer #208)

     c. During Easter: use formula in Notes of Min. Desk Edition, p.29, rubric 34


15. Lamb of God

     a. Use during Pentecost season, Lent

     b. Omit during Advent-Christmas-Epiphany and Easter

     c. Replace with Hymn versions in Lent-Holy Week ELW #357, LBW #103 or 111 or

     d. Replace with chant version in Lent-Holy Week ELW #194


16. Distribution

     a. Vary wines by season - amber for festivals, dry red for Lent, etc.

     b. Vary breads by season - unleavened in Lent, leavened in Easter, wafers, etc.

     c. Hymns of Praise in Easter season

     d. Communion hymns in green season

     e. Silence during Lent

     f. Special music at other times


17. Post-Communion Canticle

     a. "Lord, Now You Let" during Advent-Christmas-Epiphany

     b. Or use Hymn version "O Lord, Now Let Your Servant" in Epiphany season

     c. Omit during Lent and green season

     d. "Thank the Lord" during Easter season, festivals

     e. Replace with hymn, such as "Sent Forth by God's Blessing"

     f. Any hymn of Thanksgiving


18. Post-Communion Prayer

     a. ELW: 1. Luther's in green season,  2. Lent, Easter  3. Festivals, late Pent.

     b. LBW: 1. Luther's in green season,  2. Pentecost,  3. Lent, Easter

     c. Use seasonal prayers in "Prayers for Worship" ELW p. 65

     d. Use seasonal prayers from Sundays and Seasons


19. Benediction

     a. Use simple form in Lent: "Almighty God...."

     b. Use Aaronic form at other times

     c. Use Solemn form for festivals, special occasions

     d. Use other Solemn forms for seasons suggested in other sources (


20. Sending Song

     a. It's optional!  Keep it short and functional (i.e., to get the procession out)

     b. Same song could be used weekly:  "Lord, Now You Let,"  "Doxology"

     c. Omit entirely.