Liturgy by TLW



Discerning Godís Will

Schedule & Introduction


The Rev. Thomas L. Weitzel, leader/facilitator




Saturday Schedule



9:00 a.m.        Introduction to the Day



9:10 a.m.        Worship



9:30 a.m.        Discernment: The Basics



11:00 a.m.      BREAK



11:15 a.m.      Discernment: The How

                        Bible Study on Godís Will, Godís Call



12:15 p.m.      LUNCH



1:00 p.m.        Discernment: What Does God Say to You?


1:45 p.m.        Planning: 

                        Where Is God Leading Us in Our Ministry?


3:00 p.m.        Closing




Intro to the Day


A.   Welcome


B.   Purpose for coming together: 

      1.   You are needing some new direction and want to do some planning

      2.   Before doing that, it is good to seek Godís guidance & counsel


      3.   So today we will ask:

            a.   Where is God leading us in our ministry?

            b.   What is Godís will for us as a church?


C.  This process is called discernment = seeking to know Godís will

      As part of that process:


      1.   We will WORSHIP

            a.   At the very start, we will Invite Godís presence into our midst

            b.   We will place ourselves in the Spirit


      2.   We will LEARN

            a.   To discover what discernment means

            b.   How discernment has worked in the lives of other Christians


      3.   We will engage in BIBLE STUDY:

            a.   To learn more about discerning

            b.   To root ourselves and our understanding about: 

                        Godís will, Godís call


      4.   We will PRAY

            a.   Not only in worship, but at various points throughout the day

            b.   Not only by speaking, but by being quiet


      5.   Most important:  We will LISTEN

            a.   God WILL come to us today

            b.   God will be part of our worship, learning, bible study, prayer, conversation

            c.   If you would know Godís will, listen for it

            d.   You may find it in:

                        A hymn,  a bible verse,  an insight learned,  your conversation with others,

                        a prayer,  the quiet of your contemplation Ė your being with God

            e.   But you have to listen for it


            f.    Jesus said after many of his teachings and parables:

                        ďLet anyone with ears to hear, listen!Ē  (Mk.4.9, 23)


            g.   He also said, ďPay attention to what you hear.Ē  (Mk.4.24)


            h.   When interrupted by his mother and brothers wanting to see him, Jesus said:  ďMy mother and brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it.Ē  (Lk.8.21)


            i.    Listening will be your most important task today



6.      Finally, after worshiping, learning, studying, praying and listening hard all day,

            a.   We will discuss what you heard

            b.   We will apply what we heard to the planning before us

            c.   We will see where the Spirit is leading